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Élitis designs high-end upholstery fabrics to create interior and exterior design.

Baléares - Brisa

Baléares - Duna

Baléares - Eularia

Baléares - Eivissa

Baléares - Finca

Baléares - Paloma

Baléares - Menorca

Baléares - Anita

Baléares - Pacha

Baléares - Costa

Baléares - Vista

Baléares - Punta

Baléares - Llenya

Baléares - Joya

Baléares - Talaia

Venice Beach - Brea

Venice Beach - Santa Monica

Venice Beach - Vernon

Venice Beach - Vargas

Venice Beach - Los Angeles

Venice Beach - Pasadena


Excentric - Bowie

Excentric - Jacky

Excentric - Andy

Excentric - Groovy

Excentric - Boty

Excentric - Funky

Inlassable - Unique

Inlassable - Candy

Palacio - Goldie

Palacio - Magic

Palacio - Chic

Palacio - Flowy

Palacio - Star

Palacio - Chunky

Copenhague - Pernille

Copenhague - Pia

Copenhague - Odense

Copenhague - Madsen

Copenhague - Jurgen

Copenhague - Nora

Copenhague - Mila

Copenhague - Ida

Copenhague - Kaisa

Copenhague - Jensen

Copenhague - Hansen

Copenhague - Lund

Copenhague - Karen

Copenhague - Tilda

Santa Fe

Éphémère - Apparition

Éphémère - Archeology

Éphémère - Full Moon

Éphémère - Univers

Éphémère - Aube

Éphémère - Yeso

Éphémère - Ryokan

Éphémère - Patchi

Éphémère - Kozo

Éphémère - Minato

Éphémère - Junichi

Éphémère - Atome

Éphémère - Memento

Éphémère - Couture

Éphémère - Riku

Éphémère - Mino

Acosta - Santa Rosa

Acosta - Mendoza

Acosta - Formosa

Acosta - Casilda

Acosta - Santa Cruz

Acosta - Parana

Escondido - Tampico

Escondido - Rosarito

Escondido - Xalapa

Escondido - Laredo

Escondido - Paloha

Escondido - Alma

Hacienda - Toluca

Hacienda - Paz

Hacienda - Puebla

Prestige - Lars

Prestige - Olaf

Prestige - Carl

Prestige - Alfred

Prestige - Soren

Prestige - Magnus










Alpilles - Paradou

Alpilles - Tarascon

Alpilles - Arles

Alpilles - Camargue

Alpilles - Beaucaire


Alchimia - Intreccio

Alchimia - Corso

Alchimia - Mondo

Alchimia - Giorgio

Alchimia - Scala

Alchimia - Grafico

Milano - Castello

Milano - Fausto

Milano - Architettura

Ambienti - Milo

Ambienti - Frammento

Ambienti - Mario

Ambienti - Levante

Ambienti - Missori

Craft chic - Arte

Craft chic - Istinto

Craft chic - Antico

Craft chic - Regina

Craft chic - Sera

Craft chic - Mistero

Craft chic - Allegoria

Craft chic - Onda



Monte rosa

Bellezza - Bellezza

Archiutopia - Argia

Archiutopia - Zirma

Archiutopia - Zoe

Archiutopia - Eutropia

Archiutopia - Despina

Esprit - Fragment

Esprit - Héritage

City linen II

Escale - Terre inconnue

Escale - Là-bas

Escale - Exil

Escale - Obsession

Escale - Onde

Escale - Métissage

Escale - Continent

Escale - Échappée

Escale - Parcours

Horizon - Passage

Horizon - Lignes de vie

Horizon - Flânerie

Horizon - Essentiel

Horizon - Tressage

Horizon - Éternel

Horizon - Embellie

Horizon - Métis

Expression - Vision

Expression - Variation

Expression - Repère

Expression - Entrelacs

Expression - Passerelle

Expression - Chimère

Expression - Infini

Expression - Ressource

Expression - Lacher-prise

Expression - Lisière

Expression - Langage

Expression - Racine

Expression - Détour

Expression - Satellite

Expression - Rencontre

Expression - Entaille

Expression - Art

Expression - Figure


Rio - Cha cha cha

Rio - Bossa nova

Rio - Rumba

Rio - Passo doble


Pur lin

What is our range of upholstery fabrics?

Élitis upholstery fabrics grew from our desire to release new vibrations in design by combining traditional skills with innovative techniques. In the world of designer textiles for interior and exterior decoration, our fabrics stand out for their unmistakeable attachment to boldness, unexpected combinations and great artistic freedom. Whether you want to upholster a seat, fit out a boat or make a curtain, the decorative uses of our fabrics are vast:

  • Fabrics for seats, sofas, armchairs, ottomans
  • Fabrics for curtains and linings
  • Voiles for curtains
  • Fabrics for blinds
  • Nautical fabrics and marine upholstery
  • Fabrics for cushion and sofa covers
  • Fabrics for outdoor use

How to choose an upholstery fabric?

Choosing the right textile for a decoration project will not only depend on its intended use, but on the following characteristics :

  • Fabric colour
    The subtlety of the colours and the shades of colour are sought so they are as close as possible to the creative project. Since our earliest days, colour and the search for new shades have been an integral part of our DNA.

  • Fabric pattern
    Patterns or styles can be plain or false-plain, geometric, floral, line drawn, ethnic, vegetal, animal, striped or dotted. There are no limits to Élitis' original creations and we are constantly pushing the visual boundaries of textiles.

  • What the fabric is made from
    The material is of paramount importance and the fabric may be composed of a single or a mixture of, mostly natural, materials such as linen, our signature material, cotton, silk or wool. Other materials can be used in the composition of our fabrics, especially for metallic effects.

  • Fabric performance
    If the intended use of the fabric has technical constraints, Élitis offers textiles that meet Contract requirements such as fire retardancy, IMO, anti-stain washable, eco-friendly, acoustic, outdoor or Trevira CS.

  • The fabric manufacturing technique
    Each Elitis fabric has a specific manufacturing technique, using skills such as embossing, chenille, printing, jacquard, satin, weaving, braiding, stonewash, velvet, etc. We work with handpicked workshops that we know well, able to offer us the superior technical skills that our textile creations require.

Who are our upholstery fabrics designed for?

Upholstery fabric is one of the cornerstones for interior design professionals. Élitis textiles intended for furniture and decorative projects as used by various professions such as :

  • Furniture upholsterers
  • Interior decorators
  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Artisans
  • Nautical upholstery
  • Furniture restorers

How can I evaluate a fabric before placing an order?

You can examine the different colours, patterns and fabrics by placing a sample hanger order on the page of the product that interests you on our website. You will be able to assess whether the characteristics of the fabric are in harmony with your project, its weight, its transparency or the size of the chosen pattern.

We also invite you to visit us in any of our many retail outlets where you can be surrounded by haute couture textiles. What could be better for your inspiration than immersing yourself in the heart of creativity?