The Japandi Spirit

Inviting minimalism sculpting quietness

Interiors soothe and protect us, enveloping us in their embrace.


Éphémère Collection

Paper and linen come together in creative voiles that play with light and lightness. Shades of diaphanous white and luminous ivory reveal the beauty of simplicity, the subtle sensation of eternity. Matt sheers bathe our lives in softness, as if soothing them. In the transparency of the shadows they cast, their artisanal irregularities diffuse the pure light of dawn...

From textiles to wallcoverings

The collections complement one another to create a harmonious ambiance that blends texture and shades of white.


Lin plâtré Collection

Like a surface in relief bathed in light, lin plâtré brings forth its shades of quiet earth, its nordic whites and metallic glimmers created by the spatula’s strokes.